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VolaVida was founded in 2013 by Maurice Whitaker.  Our mission is to help artists monetize their talents and passion without compromising integrity. We believe the big gallery system is flawed and widely ignores street art and emerging artists. We strive to expose these artists to a broader audience. Through exhibits and social events we create an atmosphere that is welcoming and inspirational to artists and art lovers from all walks of life.

VolaVida is one of New York City’s leading arbiters of street and urban art as well as emerging fine. VV has curated over 30 exhibits and attracted collectors all over the world. In the last two years, VolaVida has frequently collaborated with globally recognized artists such as Hektad, Wane, Adam Dare, and Easy.

About Maurice Whitaker
A native New Yorker, Maurice Whitaker has over 20 years of experience in design and media production.  He has honed his skills while working with some of the top companies in the entertainment field. Formerly the Creative Director for Loud Records and later Jive Records, in 1999, Maurice founded Modoe Media, a creative consulting agency. Some of his clients included HBO, MTV, Coca Cola and Sony Music.

In 2002, Maurice began working with startups, using the then developing internet to market their products globally. His deep understanding of technology allowed him to give his clients access to the global economy through new media.

As founder of VolaVida, he has worked with many of the top street artists in New York City including Hektad, Adam Dare, Claw, Kwue Molly, Danielle Mastion and Lexi Bella. In addition to seeking new creative opportunities for his clients, Maurice organizes art exhibitions in New York City.

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